We love enjoying and experiencing the beauty of the sunflowers just as much as you. However, farmers have put countless hours into prepping and planting these crops. Wilds Sonshine would like to continue working with these hardworking individuals to plant sunflowers year after year, which is only possible if visitors, like you, follow the rules listed below.

The fields these sunflowers are planted in are PRIVATE PROPERTY, so please read and follow the rules below:

1. No one is permitted to walk or drive into the sunflower fields.

2. Damage to the sunflowers or private property will not be tolerated.

3. No sunflowers are permitted to be removed from the fields.

4. Please do not litter. Leave the area as clean or better than you found it.

5. Photos are permitted, as long as all rules are followed.

By following these rules, you are helping us bring you the experience again in the years to come. We want you to enjoy these amazing sunflower fields, while also respecting the private property, landowners, farmers and their crops.

Thank you, and enjoy the gorgeous views!

Any questions or concerns may be reported to Taylor at 814-788-0702.

Updated 2021